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We have developed industry-first innovative technology and software that will revolutionize the world of charitable giving aptly named CHARITYTRAQ. As an existing donor of The Bouchedid Foundation, you will have the ability to research and learn about the charities in our portfolio and choose the ones that specifically resonate with you based on a multitude of causes, factors and metrics that you care most about. You will then be able to allocate exactly what percentage or dollar amount of your donation you wish to direct to the charities you have chosen. Our dashboard will provide you with metrics and reporting so you can see how you are making a difference across the various causes and charities. Our software will keep track of your donation history and develop a donor profile for you over time so you can be matched with those charities and causes that mean the most to you. There will be many more further enhancements and improvements over the next several months. We believe that this innovation and technology we are developing, coupled with our "mutual fund" approach to selecting and managing the best of breed charities, will ultimately make our approach The Future of Charitable Giving™.

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The Future of Charitable Giving™

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